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Hello World For Networking |

Hello World For Networking

Triawan Networking 03/03/2019 0 Comment 10 Views

Consider you want to send a birthday gift to your friend on their birthday, where will you send it? To their street address right? Same is the case here. The early computer scientists wanted to identify computers on the internet with a unique number, something like a telephone numbers today. So, they came up with the concept of TCP/IP.

Agus Triawan/Triawan

Triawan is just an ordinary person, founder idraya[dot]com who just a little bit knows also likes try and error about devices, networks and programming/applications to solve challenges related to information technology.

Example: Say <b>Hello</b> &lt;?php echo 'World'; ?&gt;
Output: Say Hello <?php echo 'World'; ?>

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