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Contoh Demo Video dan Audio - Programming |

Contoh Demo Video dan Audio

Triawan PROGRAMMING 21/03/2020 2 Discusses 103 Views

Berikut ini contoh menampilkan video dan audio dari web, untuk aplikasi ujian berbasis komputer/computer based test (cbt) nantinya.

Contoh Video
Ukuran file video yang diputar sekitar 2.5Mb menggunakan format MP4.

Contoh Audio
Ukuran file video yang diputar sekitar 2.1Mb menggunakan format MP3.

Sample / dummy video files for testing and demo purpose. Might be useful if you are developing big files upload or HTML5 video display.

Agus Triawan/Triawan

Triawan is just an ordinary person, founder idraya[dot]com who just a little bit knows also likes try and error about devices, networks and programming/applications to solve challenges related to information technology.

If there is question, please discuss below. Very welcome and expected to provide corrections, criticisms, and suggestions.

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    By the way, is this site using wordpress? If so, what is template name?
  • James • 12/05/2020 00:28:10
    hello, can we talk?